My Next Chapter

I’ve been at Microsoft for just over 3 years and I’ve decided it’s time to move on.

Move on to Redmond, that is!

On March 16th, I will begin my new chapter at Microsoft as a Software Development Engineer in the Worldwide DX group – where I will be helping partners build epic projects.

The decision to accept this position did not come easy, as I have come to care greatly for the developer community in Dallas and surrounding areas. I have made many great friends as an evangelist this past 14 months and I will never forget the great times I had interacting with the community. Let’s face it, being a developer evangelist at Microsoft is an incredible job and one that I do not concede lightly, but I know that whoever they find to replace me will do a fine job.

Sometime in the next few months, my family and I will relocate to Washington, but I have a feeling that we’ll return one day. DFW is and always will be my home – it’s where I grew up, my family is still here and there are opportunities that I hope will someday come to bear here, when the time is right.

Never fear, I will still be actively blogging and interacting with the community on social media. I also hope to be able to bring some of the work I will be doing Redmond back to DFW down the road where it makes sense.

I bid you all in Dallas/Fort Worth a farewell, but not goodbye.

Jason Fox

One thought on “My Next Chapter

  1. Congrats Jason! I’ll see you at Build! We’re bringing all of InfernoRed out again this year. Since you are now a Redmond Blue badge, you can give us the full tour! Again, congratulations!


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