UWP App Development: Styling the Mobile Status Bar

Very handy if you’re building an app for Windows 10 mobile

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(If you’re new to Windows 10 and the Universal Windows Platform, go here.)

With Windows 10 and Universal Windows Apps, a lot has changed for developers, particularly if you’re coming from the phone side of things. Some changes are awesome! Others will take some getting used to. Dealing with the Status Bar probably falls under the latter category.

If you’re not familiar: The Status Bar is the UI at the top of your screen on Windows Phone:

Mobile Status Bar

In Windows Phone 8.1 app development, dealing with the Status Bar was pretty simple. You could show it, or hide it, or change it’s appearance slightly. The first-party Bing apps (News, Money, etc…) took advantage of these capabilities in some interesting ways. (You can read about how they did it here.)

Customized Mobile Status Bar

The Status Bar is alive and well in Windows 10 Mobile, but the way it interacts with an app is…

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